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If you have been online for any time at all, you’ve probably received so many marketing emails that you ignore a lot of them. Even more to the point, you’ve probably bought some apps and training that have let you down. You may have reached the point that you think everything is a scam.

You may want to check out : Smart Content Profits. Richard Fairbairn and his partner, Paul OKeeffe just released this new SaaS app that will change the way you will create content and will make your content more producive for you.

Fairbairn began to see success online when he started building content sites. He’d focus on a particular niche and build a website serving that niche. He’d write articles that would appeal to people interested in the topic of the niche (food, fitness, etc.) He’d share those articles on his social media accounts. And when the traffic started coming in, he’d make some money from the ads posted on the site.

This is a method that totally worked for him and still works today, but it has a big problem: scalability. You quickly hit a plateau beyond which you can’t handle building and maintaining any more sites. Even an experienced person like Richard, who could build sites quickly, he’d still get bogged down in the content.

You can only write so much because writing takes time. And if you pay people for articles, you have to invest in articles before you know if the site will pay off. Richard decided to consult some programmers he knew, to see if they could automate some of the processes. Turns out, they automated the whole thing, even the content, itself.

The result is Smart Content Profits.

With this new tool, you do three simple things to get the ball rolling:
1. Supply your domain name and site title,
2. Input the site’s content niche, and
3. Click the GO button.

After Smart Content Profits builds the site, it starts “curating” relevant content from other places, posting it in a way that is both ethical and legal. It’s the same method huge companies like Yahoo use for packing their massive sites with content. His sites self-update with new content whenever it’s available, and they even share each post across a wide list of related social media accounts.

Richard “prettied up” this app so anyone can use it, and now he is making it available to you for the first time.

It is an online app you can log in to from anywhere, using any device.

With just those 3 pieces of info – domain name, site title, and niche keyword or keyphrase – you can have an entire site built, including self-updating legally curated and modified content, within minutes.

Every posted article gets shared out to your Facebook, Twitter, etc., properly formatted, so you can get viral sharing traffic and valuable linkbacks.

Smart Content Profits even hosts the sites for you, on the same high-speed high-power webhost that Richard uses himself.

In other words, you can build an empire of websites, just as Richard did.

During the one-week launch, Smart Content Profits is available at a price way lower than you’d ever expect for an app this powerful.

The launch is only one week, though. Get in now as an early bird, and you’ll pay the lowest you’ll ever see. Your purchase is fully guaranteed for 30 days, so you have nothing to lose.

Click here now to secure your early bird deal: Smart Content Profits.

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