The customer is the king. By keeping them happy and contented, you can grow your business.

Inc. contributor Cey’na Smith has shared four customer service secrets from Amazon that can help you boost your business.

She says, “Amazon grew into the behemoth it is today in part as a result of an obsession with its customers. Many of the lessons the company learned along the way can benefit your business too, says John Rossman, a former Amazon executive. Rossman just released the third edition of The Amazon Way, a book aimed at helping business owners translate Amazon’s unique culture and management practices into usable opportunities. Here are four customer service tips he recommends you borrow from the e-commerce giant.

1. The best customer service is no customer service.

The best experience for the customer happens when they never have to ask for help at all. “You have to be willing to fundamentally improve the customer experience and should try to eliminate all the things we ask of customers,” Rossman says. The key is to pay close attention to all the little questions and support issues customers have, so you can eliminate the root causes of them”.

4 Customer Service Secrets You Should Steal From Amazon


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