The SEO process requires you to pay attention to every code that lies on your web pages. By optimizing every snippet and headings, you can gain maximum from your attempts.

Search Engine Journal contributor Roger Montti has shared the results of a survey on the use of H1 Headings by SEOs. He has also shared some useful strategies to improve your SEO performance.

He says, “The topic of heading tags is so basic yet despite numerous clarifications from Google the topic remains extremely polarizing.

Heading Tag SEO is a Contentious Topic Online

Bar Fight Meme of SEOs fighting about H1 heading tags

SEOs Say H1 Tag More Important than H2, H3, etc.

Some in the SEO industry will admit that Mueller said it’s okay to use more than one H1. But they will also insist that an H1 element is more important than an H2.

That used to be true back in the very early 2000’s. It’s not true anymore.

Early Google Used Clues to Understand Web Pages

In the early 2000’s Google used headings as a clue to what a web page was about”.

H1 Headings: Over 50% of SEOs Doing it Wrong?

Search Engine Journal

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