Your search engine rankings are influenced by several factors. By working on the ones that positively improve your SEO, you can get more traffic.

Search Engine Journal’s Julia McCoy has published an article highlighting five SEO misconceptions.

She says, “Here’s a quick roundup of the five biggest misconceptions about SEO I’ve seen spouted in the last year, and why they just aren’t true.

Recognize any?

Misconception #1: Social Signals Impact Ranking

Whether or not social signals impact SEO has been a hot topic for at least the last ten years.

It makes sense that the more followers you have, and the more traffic you divert to your site from social media… and therefore the better your search rankings.


John Mueller is on the record as far back as 2015 saying that no, social signals don’t directly impact your rank”.

Social Signals Impact Rankings & 4 Other SEO Misconceptions

Search Engine Journal

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