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Like the trees for which it’s named, an evergreen marketing strategy stays fresh and healthy at all times of the year, year after year. Such a strategy might sound impossible to marketers pumping out new content all the time, but evergreen marketing is a real, useful, and simple tool for driving business growth continuously. 

Intrigued? Building an effective evergreen marketing strategy starts with understanding the approach, then setting up your foundation for success. Here’s what you should know.

Understanding Evergreen Strategies

Evergreen marketing focuses on needs, challenges, products, and principles that can withstand the tests of time to garner customer traffic on a long-term basis. These marketing strategies are almost always defined by their application of evergreen content, which users can return to time and time again without it needing too many updates as the years and decades pass.

Evergreen content may be easiest to explain with an example. A company that sells cleaning supplies, for example, could produce a simple guide for how to get wine stains out of carpet. That piece of content might provide helpful tips for an audience at any time, securing traffic that sticks around rather than dipping into obscurity.

It is content like this that can provide marketing opportunities that stay relevant. Additionally, this content can thoroughly enhance your natural link building efforts. With highly shareable content that will stand the tests of time, users all over the web will find themselves linking back to your evergreen marketing tools—provided they are high enough quality. In turn, your SEO efforts will experience a boost. 

Luckily, almost any company can find a way into such a marketing approach. With a wealth of industries and niches potentially overlapping your own, evergreen marketing can accommodate any topic that won’t significantly change any time soon. But it will take some careful preparation to ensure that your evergreen marketing efforts don’t fall flat.

How to Build an Evergreen Marketing Strategy

Building an effective evergreen marketing strategy requires research, planning, and a commitment to a high standard of quality. All your hard work in producing useful content will be undercut if a competitor comes along and dominates your niche with higher quality work.

That’s why you should consider the following three strategies before committing to an evergreen marketing approach.

Employ More Data

Data is the driving force of all modern marketing strategies. Nothing assists in creating effective customer personas and understanding audiences quite like data. Luckily, all kinds of marketing data are out there ready for analysis and application, available in everything from social media insights to keyword and niche research. The insights you unearth from this data can lead to profitable niches and free traffic.

But finding these data opportunities can be difficult without expert help. Data science is a complicated and highly technical field. Professional data analysts with training in data science can make the process simpler. Seek these experts out or become one yourself.

Plan for Problems; They’re Inevitable

The COVID-19 pandemic proved that some evergreen content isn’t all that evergreen when facing a global health crisis. Workplace standards are shifting, too, demonstrating the mutability of many things we think of as timeless. However, with the right evergreen marketing strategy, you can even sell during a pandemic.

This requires an overall improvement to your marketing efforts beginning with the quality of your online content. You want to establish a reputation for reliability. Build resources that can help your customers in a variety of conditions and explore narratives around timeless needs.

Ensure Quality from the Beginning

Evergreen content can only be evergreen if its quality stands up to changing trends and expectations of digital usability. This means content that more than adequately meets the needs of consumers while demonstrating all the attributes of accessible, search engine-optimized web pages. 

Include high-resolution images, photographs, and graphics, for example. Research similar content online and explore ways you can make your own even better. Build in simple navigation and accessibility through screen readers and other devices. Employ professional writers to craft text copy.

These strategies can give you the best foundation for an evergreen marketing strategy that earns its name by creating long-lasting traffic. You can always plan to update tent-pole content pieces every so often to ensure that your content remains relevant, but try to create marketing resources that warrant only minimal interference. An efficient evergreen strategy continuously adds value to your platform without the need for constant investment.

With the right approach, you can sit back and let your evergreen marketing strategy work for you while you reap the benefits.

Secure Continuous Sales

Securing continuous sales through an evergreen marketing strategy requires a commitment to quality, a consistent focus on human needs, and thorough research into market data. With these components as the foundation of your efforts, you can build an marketing strategy that withstands the test of time. 

Start by understanding what evergreen marketing entails, then begin building your own plan for long-term success.

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