To achieve success in your online business initiatives SEO is an important factor. And for building up a strong SEO strategy you need quality links pointing to your websites.

The Search Engine Journal contributor Jason Hennessey has shared 12 examples to help you better understand and implement the natural link creation.

Hennessey says, “Here are 12 examples to help you get the link building wheels turning.

1. Content Marketing

The foundation of any great link building strategy is creating content worth linking to.

With traditional link building, you may be able to incentivize sites to link to you in exchange for a guest post or the like. With natural link building, it doesn’t work like that.

Building out evergreen content is your best bet when it comes to attracting links from high authority sites – especially if you are able to get that content to rank with SEO. If your content is routinely at the top of the SERPs and is a highly valuable resource, it becomes the obvious choice for sites to link to”.

12 Examples of How to Earn High-Quality Links the Natural Way

Search Engine Journal

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