Rank Ranger has published ‘Google Advanced Search Guide’ to help marketers make most from he Google search.

Liraz Postan says, “Google Advanced search is a more fine-grained method of locating information on the Google platform. By leveraging the functions of various search operators, commands, and conditions, you increase the level of precision in your hunt for information. The special commands and characters used are called “advanced operators”.

These advanced operators allow you to isolate what you’re looking for with precision and speed, so it’s not hard to see where such functionality has tremendous advantages for those performing competitor analysis, SEO audits, and content research.


In many cases, the standard Google search works fine. However, when you need specific information or deal with a lot of data processing, the ability to precisely identify the data you need is an asset. Remember that there is a wealth of data that Google manages, so you need to do what you can to pick out what matters to you”.

Google Advanced Search Guide

Rank Ranger

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