It is very important to have your business on YouTube today. It helps you enhance your boundaries and achieve wider growth.

Social Media Examiner’s Michael Stelzner has shared some useful tips on using Youtube to grow a business.

He says, “There are two key reasons businesses should consider marketing on YouTube.

The first is the SEO benefits. While YouTube itself can help reach your target audience, combining it with the power of its parent company Google can give you an SEO boost. Let’s say you have a YouTube video that’s performing well and uses well-researched keywords. If you embed it in a blog post with similar keywords, it can drive up the potential for both pieces of content to reach their objectives.

Embedding a YouTube video into a blog post can also boost time on site, which is an important signal to Google that it’s a quality piece of content. If people start spending more time than average on an article with an embedded video, that’s going to help both the article and the video.

If you create content in both the written word and video, the combination can be very powerful. It doesn’t matter whether you create the video or the blog post first—everybody’s brain works differently so choose the approach that works for you. It’s an easy way to create two forms of content that are both going to help you”.

Using YouTube to Grow a Business

Social Media Examiner

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