Persuasive emails can help you to convert more prospects into customers and grow your sales.

AWeber contributor Kaleigh Moore has shared eight top brainstorming techniques to help you write killer emails.

He says, “Never waste time trying to think of a topic when you should be writing. Here are 8 brainstorming techniques that will help you create a list of topics for future emails.

Quick Notes on Brainstorming

First things first: Let’s go over a few quick notes re: brainstorming.

  1. Coming up with ideas for your content is serious, but don’t get too caught up on producing the perfect idea right away. If you’re too critical, you won’t get anything written down. You never know what a random word now could make you think of later. Keep a positive mindset and be open to any and all ideas.
  2. Don’t worry too much about following the rules. Brainstorming is all about creativity and finding whatever method works best for you. While one person might do well with a structured brainstorming process, another might thrive with a loose, free-flowing idea session.

The important thing to remember about brainstorming ideas for your email campaigns is that you’ll want to stay open-minded throughout your process . . . regardless of what that looks like.

Next, let’s start looking at a few specific brainstorming techniques you can try to get the ideas flowing”.

8 Top Brainstorming Techniques to Help You Write Killer Emails


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