Even if you work a full-time job (or maybe, two), you can probably spare 5 minutes daily to work on an online business. It may start as a “side hustle”, but can grow into your livelihood.

AS you know, online shopping has jumped to record levels in the last year. If you can spare 5 minutes per day, you can start an online store that may, in time, grow to be your full-time income by taking advantage of this surge in online shopping.

Empire e-commerce softwareThere’s new piece of software that has just been released, called Empire. Use it to build your own onlne empire.

This new tool builds e-commerce websites (fully hosted at no extra charge) where the traffic is free.

When visitors come, the sites show each visitor what he or she is wanting to buy.

When they buy, you get an affiliate commission.

For under 20 bucks and 5 minutes of your time, you can build a site with Empire and put it to work pulling in commisssions.

Here are the advantages of this approach to building an online business:
➤ You don’t need to buy a website.
➤ You don’t need your own products or services.
➤ You don’t need any experience.
➤ You don’t need to pay for advertising.
➤ You don’t need an existing audience.
➤ You don’t need expensive tools.
➤ You don’t need technical skills.
➤ You don’t need design or copywriting skills.

And there are no additional costs.

If you have $20 (currently, under $17, but rising) and can spare 5 minutes per day this might be the online business for you. See for yourself: Empire.

One thing that makes it different from what you may have seen before is that the stores it builds are hybrids. They can sell both physical products and digital products.

You can sell products from Amazon, eBay, Clickbank, and more.

This way you have many opportunities for affiliate earnings. And, your stores can include products from multiple niches and products in those niches in the same store.

The software automatically updates the products in your store with the latest deals available.

Even if you are a beginner and know nothing about online marketing, you can set up your store in a few minutes and let it start your future business. Get all the details here: Empire.

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