An effective search engine optimization strategy remains at the heart of running any business today. Your SEO practices should align with the changing search algorithms.

Portent contributor Evan Hall has shared five SEO best practices for 2021.

He says, “We want to make our SEO practice the best, not have the best boxes to check.

1. It’s Time to Think About Mobile-Only Indexing

We’ve heard the directive “think mobile first” from Google since at least 2011, but I’m certain most of us still review websites using desktop resolutions. This will have to change!

Google recently announced that starting in March 2021, mobile-first indexing will only include the mobile version of the web. Google will ignore the desktop views of our content for indexing and ranking. “M-dot” mobile sites will become the primary, not the alternative, possibly causing issues for websites that haven’t adopted responsive design.

I think this shift actually simplifies things because we no longer have to worry about the weighting of mobile and desktop content features. How mobile content renders is the only concern now. Whatever mobile Googlebot sees when they render the page is what counts”.

5 SEO Best Practices for 2021

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