Google Quick Answers are the text snippet answers and links that appear on the Google SERPs. Since easily visible, they could provide a boost in organic traffic.

BrightEdge SEO Blog contributor  Kirill Kronrod has shared some useful tips to help you optimize for Google Answer Box snippets.

He says, “In addition to the content, Google Answers also provides a link to the page with this content. In its 2018 reintroduction to featured snippets, among which it includes Quick Answers snippets, Google defined them as a tool to “help people more easily discover what they’re seeking, both from the description and when they click on the link to read the page itself.” When users click on a featured snippet such as a Quick Answer, Google will take the user right to the answer text on the page.

In some instances, the answer box also adds an image or several images from the page.

Example of quick answer search result - brightedge

Appearing in Google Quick Answers

Pages that Google finds and selects for Quick Answers on our site are high authority pages with quality, well-structure content that is theme-relevant and optimized for a great user experience and answer specific questions closely matching the query for the Google answer box. Below is a sample page that is featured in Google Answers”.

Optimizing For The Google Answer Box

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