If you need audio content for your marketing (for example, to use as packground music in ads and in videos), check out Big Audio Club, just released by SuperGoodProduct.

Audio contributes to the engagement viewers feel for your content. That’s why it is so carefully used in TV and movies. It can give your marketing content a boost, too.

However, one thing you need to be careful about is making sure you have the right to use the audio in the way you want to use it. It wouldn’t be pleasant to be sued over a copyright violation.

Big Audio Club offers you a very large library of audios, and all of them give you rights to use them in any of your marketing, however you want to use them.

You may use them for your own projects. Plus, if you offer audio-video services for clients, you may also use them for your client, too, because your license allows use for any commercial project without restriction.

And you don’t have to worry about providing any attribution when using any of the audio from the library.

You are getting thousands of studio-quality audio files, the kind of audios that would cost you a pretty penny elsewhere.

What kind of audios are you getting? Big Audio Club includes a large selection (literally, thousands) of premium audios, such as:
➤ Full-length music,
➤ Music loops,
➤ Intros, Outros,
➤ Ambient sounds,
➤ Sound effects and
➤ Much more.

And there is a wide variety of styles: Blues, Instrumental, Piano, Rock, Techno, Electronic, Guitar, Pop, Epic, Country, and more.

This can give you all the stock audio you will ever need for your marketing. Get it here: Big Audio Club.

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