Different Google search operators which are made of one or more characters are used in a search to add more specificity and focus to a query.

Siege Media contributor Karlie Kramer has shared a list of 39 Google Search operators that are important for content marketers.

Kramer says, “If you’re new to search operators, you’ll first want to get familiar with the basic building blocks. The following 14 operators search sites, URLs, titles, in-post text and more. They can be used alone or in combination with each other.

1. site:URL [input]

Sometimes search functions within sites themselves aren’t great. Reddit is notorious for having a bad search engine. If you’re interested in pulling up all related pages on a site for a specific keyword or topic, your best bet is to use site:URL [input].

Example → site:siegemedia.com “link building”

2. related:URL

You just found the perfect prospect for a link building campaign. You think, there have to be other sites out there just like this one. Related:URL helps you find sites in the same niche”.

39 Google Search Operators Every Content Marketer Should Know

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