Many individual marketers and small marketing companies use YouTube to host their videos. No wonder; it is free and convenient, and there’s a chance that random YouTube visitors might come across your video.

That’s all good, but there are also drawbacks. Primarily, on YouTube, you don’t have control over how your content is displayed. YouTube takes over the display of your videos.

Matthew McDonald, the creator if many video tools has just released a new tool, WP Video Streamer, that lets you host videos directly from your WordPress site, with no extra load on your bandwidth. 

This WordPress plugin is a simple Drag and Drop video manager, that gives you the control over your videos that only major companies have had until now.

Let’s face it: YouTube’s logo on your video screams “cheap”. YouTube also can cluster your video with other videos they think a visitor might want to see — maybe competitors’ videos or extraneous videos that, at a minimum, take the focus away from what you want to share.

WP Video Streamer is a tool (along with video training) that shows the best way to start hosting your own videos, and streaming them directly from your WordPress website. It is easy to learn and easy to use. You can get started in moments.

McDonald’s solution takes advantage of Dropbox to host your videos and uses his software to connect your video seamlessly to your WP website. People who play the video don’t know it’s coming from Dropbox.

No more YouTube logo, distracting video recommendations, or expensive monthly video hosting alternatives. Dropbox is very inexpensive (a basic account is even free), and if you are already using it to host files, it costs almost nothing to add a video file to your account. And Dropbox gives you plenty of download capacity (20GB daily, even with a basic account) for dozens of people to watch your videos daily.

You don’t have to use Dropbox for all your videos, but for the most important ones, at least, this is the best solution.

However, “raw” Dropbox videos don’t play in the Safari browser, used on all Apple products.

With WP Video Streamer , that problem is solved. And it’s all done simply.

No complications. No limitations. Get your copy here while the launch pricing is in effect

Get your own copy (with a money-back guarantee), here: WP Video Streamer.

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