With the help of quality video content, you can enhance your online reach and persuade people to take an action.

Social Media Examiner has published a new podcast episode ‘Live Video Engagement: How to Build Relationships Live’ featuring Janine Cummings to help you make the most from the live video.

The SME team says, “Want to create a loyal tribe? Wondering how to build relationships with live video?

To explore how to create engaging relationships while you’re live on social media, I interview Janine Cummings on the Social Media Marketing Podcast.

Janine is a live video expert who helps women entrepreneurs grow their business with live video. Her course is called Accelerate Live, and Boss It Live is her membership academy.

Janine explains how to capture ideas for stories that will captivate your live video audience, and shares tips and tactics to activate your viewers. You’ll also learn how to use strategic shout-outs that inspire people to share your video”.

Live Video Engagement: How to Build Relationships Live

Social Media Examiner

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