Target Marketing’s latest Tech Talk video is titled ‘AI Content Optimization’ featuring MarketMuse CEO Aki Balogh.

The TM team says, “This week on Tech Talk, Target Marketing spoke with Aki Balogh, Co-Founder and CEO of MarketMuse, an AI content optimization platform that helps marketers develop and optimize their topic and keyword strategies for content marketing. MarketMuse employs machine learning to deliver content briefs detailing strategy and instructions for writing teams to create content that will produce higher search rankings. Implementing these detailed outlines, Balogh says clients typically see two- to six-times increase in search traffic in the first two months, as well as higher engagement.

If you want to see more about the tool, head over to the extended cut of this video, which includes a demo and more information about integrations and features. Click here to see the full MarketMuse demo video”.

AI Content Optimization

Target Marketing

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