Rank Ranger’s  Darrell Mordecai has published ‘The Hands-on Guide to Winning Featured Snippets’ to improve your marketing performance using Google featured snippets.

Mordecai says, “In this post, I’ll be covering how to take your research from the previous post, and put it into action.

Before we jump in, we first need to understand user intent.


User intent refers to what the searcher is looking for when typing a query into Google. It’s where Google meets the user by presenting content. The user has a burning question and Google is attempting to answer that question. If you understand how Google is attempting to do that, you have the first step in winning a Featured Snippet.

The reason is simple.

Google’s whole point in creating Featured Snippets is to answer user intent in the Search Engine Results Page (SERP). This means understanding how Google is attempting to satisfy user intent via a Featured Snippet will give you insight into how to create Featured Snippet worthy content”.

The Hands-on Guide to Winning Featured Snippets

Rank Ranger

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