When more and more people turn to your website, your chances of improving conversions also grow. SEO is one of the most preferred tactics to grow your site traffic, but you need to focus on other strategies too.

SEMrush contributor Natalia Zhukova has shared five useful ways to drive more traffic to your website.

Zhukova says, “Traffic is the first concern businesses have to deal with to win a larger market share and more customers. This post will uncover tactics that help businesses analyze market trends and competitors’ strategies to drive more traffic and earn more visitors that can further be converted into buyers.

Seasoned digital marketers are well aware that a few targeted visitors are worth more than tens or hundreds of visits from a more general audience. Visitors have to fit the profile of the business’s buyer persona, which has to be kept in mind when seeking new traffic”.

How to Drive More Traffic to Your Website: Winning the Traffic Race

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