Sitelinks are links to other pages that appear under Google search results. Searchers use sitelinks to find relevant information from the search results.

Ahrefs contributor Patrick Stox has shared an article on sitelinks and how to edit them.

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Stox says, “Sitelinks are one of the most common search features. They appear in 1.8% of SERPs in Ahrefs’ US database. Nearly every branded term has sitelinks and they also appear on many other queries like informational queries. In fact, nearly 67% of all organic keywords for contain sitelinks.

Let’s dive deeper into some common questions around:

The different types of sitelinks

Sitelinks have evolved over the years and display in many different ways. Google is often changing things such as the number of sitelinks shown and the appearance of sitelinks in the search results. You may see some sitelinks with outlines, with images, in a carousel format, or ones that expand. Here are different types of sitelinks that Google shows today”.

What Are Sitelinks and How Do I Edit Them?


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