Google continues to update its search engine algorithm for providing better search experience to its users. The recurring changes bring variation in how the search engine would rank your content.

SEO by the Sea’s Bill Slawski has published an article titled ‘How Google Might Rank Image Search Results’.

Slawski says, “As I was going through a new patent application from Google on ranking image search results, I decided that it was worth including what I used to look at when trying to rank images.

Images can rank highly in image search, and they can also help pages that they appear upon rank higher in organic web results, because they can help make a page more relevant for the query terms that page may be optimized for.

Here are signals that I would include when I rank image search results:

  • Use meaningful images that reflect what the page those images appear on is about – make them relevant to that query
  • Use a file name for your image that is relevant to what the image is about (I like to separate words in file names for images with hyphens, too)
  • Use alt text for your alt attribute that describes the image well, and uses text that is relevant to the query terms that the page is optimized for) and avoid keyword stuffing”.

How Google Might Rank Image Search Results

SEO by the Sea

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