Well designed Instagram ads can help you to increase your brand recognition as you are able to engage with a large and diverse audience of potential consumers through ads.

Social Media Examiner‘s Susan Wenograd has shared four ways to create cost-effective Instagram ads funnel.

Wenograd says, “Wondering how to build an effective ads funnel on Instagram? Looking for tips to choose the right objectives or targeting audiences?

In this article, you’ll find four ways to optimize your Instagram ads funnel for different stages of the customer journey.

#1: Design Your Customer Funnel Around Instagram User Behavior

When you hear the word remarketing, what comes to mind? Continuing to talk to people who have visited your company’s website, most likely. But if you’re an Instagram user, you just want to hang out on the platform and don’t really want to go to websites.

While these two behaviors might seem incompatible, you can do funnel building that leverages the power of keeping people on the Instagram platform while also being able to remarket to them in the future”.

How to Create a Cost-Effective Instagram Ads Funnel: 4 Tips

Social Media Examiner

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