Well-designed remarketing campaigns can help you to increase your sales. With Google ads remarketing tools you can further enhance your sales.

Search Engine Journal contributor Brooke Osmundson has shared a five-step process to launch your Google ads remarketing campaign.

Osmundson says, “When remarketing campaigns are executed with thoughtfulness and intent, incremental conversions and sales can be fruitful.

It is a chance to re-engage your target audience and get a second chance at their attention. To launch an effective Google Ads remarketing campaign, the success comes within the setup.

Below are the five crucial steps to complete your campaign.

1. Ensure Proper Tagging Is In Place

In order for a remarketing to serve impressions, it is vital that the proper tracking is on a website.

Most websites will use either Google Analytics or Google Ads tracking, I recommend having both sources as options”.

How to Launch Your First Google Ads Remarketing Campaign

Search Engine Journal

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