Last year, the Zamurai team launched My Traffic Jacker to provide a way to build your website traffic using high-authority social media and expired domains.

The team has now launched the new, improved version of this valuable tool, My Traffic Jacker 2.0.

This new tool helps internet marketers, like you, get more traffic and greater sales from the power of social media, using expired domains. With this approach, you don’t need to buy ads or build websites. You take advantage of the traffic and authority of popular web-pages, we all know and love:
► YouTube
► Wikipedia
► The British Broadcasting Corporation
► Quora

How do you get this advantage, you ask? Well, these sites often have references to other domains. When one of these major sites (all 4 are ranked in the top 100 worldwide) links to your domain, that lifts the authority of your domain. If the BBC likes your domain, Google takes notice.

However, sometimes these domains that are mentioned on these big four are allowed by their owners to expire, due to going out of business, simple forgetfulness, etc.

My Traffic Jacker 2.0 allows you to:
1. Find these expired domains.
2. Evaluate their value
3. Set a reminder to check again later, if the expired name is still in the redemption period (so the owner might reclaim it.)

Once you have found a good domain name, you buy it (usually for $10 or less) and redirect its traffic to any offer you choose. Imagine how powerful it will be to pick up an expired domain that still has a working live link from Wikipedia, the BBC, YouTube or Quora.

When you get that incoming traffic from one of these high-authority sites, you can direct the traffic you get to any offer you like, such as your primary website, affiliate offers, e-commerce offers or an Opt-in page.

And there are other ways to use that traffic, too, such as:
• Build your new website on the expired domain for an immediate SEO boost.
• Build a website on an expired domain.
• Use the domain to link to your YouTube video channel.
• Resell the domain, even back to the owner.
• Use a 301 permanent redirect to a site you have monetized for an authority boost.

You can probably think of several more.

But for the lowest investment, you should look into this new software now, since the price is rising. Check it out here: My Traffic Jacker 2.0.

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