HubSpot is hosting a live event ‘The Ultimate Guide to Producing Great Videos for Sales and Marketing’ on Thursday, May 28, 2020.

The following speakers will conduct sessions:

  • Zach Basner, Director of Inbound Training & Video Strategy at IMPACT
  • Alex Winter, Creative Director & Video Manager at IMPACT
  • Marc Amigone, Account Executive at IMPACT

The HubSpot team says, “Video is the latest and greatest thing in the marketer’s toolkit and, with a powerful camera in everyone’s back pocket, it has never been easier or less costly to produce killer content. Still, many sales and marketing professionals are intimidated by video.

Join us and you will learn IMPACT’s proven formula for creating videos that will grab your viewer, keep them watching, and, most importantly, convert those views into dollars.

This virtual event is for sales and marketing professionals who:

1. Have yet to begin their journey with video but are eager to

2. Have been creating video content but struggling to get results”.

The Ultimate Guide to Producing Great Videos for Sales and Marketing


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