Social media platforms play a major role in enhancing your marketing and achieving better results. By understanding the nuances of social media, you can reach more people and promote your products and services.

HubSpot‘s Corey Wainwright has shared 19 social media marketing myths that you should ignore in 2020.

Wainwright says, “To help you separate fact from fiction, I put my Mythbusters hat on and drudged up some of the most common social media myths out there.

Let’s dive into some social media myths we’ve all probably heard around the water cooler. Then, I’ll explain why you need to leave these old ways of thinking behind.

19 Social Media Myths to Leave Behind

1. My customers aren’t on social media.

In 2019, over 2.39 billion people worldwide were active on social media. Today, it seems like there’s a social platform for everything and everyone. While family and friends connect on sites like Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter; professionals are networking all over LinkedIn.

Odds are, at least one one social media platform has an audience that will align with your brand. Not sure which one is the best for you? Check out this blog post which highlights need-to-know social media trends”.

19 Social Media Marketing Myths to Leave Behind in 2020


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