Steve Harvey has released video-based training he calls The Newbie Affiliate Playbook.

It is often said that affiliate marketing is the simplest way to get started marketing online. You advertise someone else’s product, in an email, on a website, on social media, etc. When someone reads your ad and buys, you get a commission.

For example, most of the ads on IM NewsWatch are affiliate ads. These commissions are applied toward the costs of running this site.

Beginners can be affiliates and often can earn enough for a side income, or in some cases, a full-time income. Some affiliate programs have stringent requirements for audience size and authority before they will accept an affiliate (despite our 15 year history, we are sometimes turned down), but many do accept beginners.

Harvey started his own affiliate business from scratch. An illness forced him to quit his job and sent him looking for alternatives. He happened upon affiliate marketing and gave it a try.

For the longest time, he failed. No matter whose advice (from costly ebooks and other training) he listened to, he made almost nothing. As he describes it:

I bought dozens of courses, watched hundreds of videos on YouTube, burned through money I didn’t have.

So he took a different approach, not following all the advice he had received, but going his own way.

His experiment worked. He started earning regularly from his affiliate promotions. In The Newbie Affiliate Playbook, he shows you how he went from earning nothing to a very comfortable full-time income.

With the help of two seasoned marketers, Richard Fairbairn and Paul O’Keefe, he has created a series of training videos that shows you the tools and techniques he used to get to his current level of affiliate success.

Here are the topics of the videos you are getting:
Lesson 1 – How To Find Guaranteed 6 Figure Leaderboards
► How Steve finds good affiliate offers
► How Paul and Richard pick their offers
► Paul’s rolodex of top 50 FB Jv Groups groups to join

Lesson 2 – How To Get Review Access
► How a beginner can get accepted to promote offers
► How a vendor looks at beginner affiliates; what they are looking for and what red flags to avoid

Lesson 3 – Do You Know Your Audience?
► How to run surveys and learn what your customers want
► A Free copy of Richard’s ‘Survey Leads’ WordPress plugin

Lesson 4 – Adding Targeted Users To Your List
► How Steve built his list of targeted people from scratch
► The power of Contests & how we built up a list of 666,019 subscribers with contests
► Paul’s rolodex of the 136 free traffic sources he used to build up his 666k subscribers

Lesson 5 – Positioning yourself as an affiliate

Lesson 6 – Maximising Email Opens and Clicks of your Links
► Video by Steve on what he did to maximize his opens & clicks
► Richard’s Email List Studio software (access is included at no extra charge)
► Richard’s Email Domination Training course (84 More Videos in this section covering everything to do with Email Marketing)

Lesson 7 – Review Video Marketing
► How to set up & publish review videos

Lesson 8 Bonuses
► Video by Steve explaining why it’s better to create exclusive bonuses to increase your sales.

Lesson 9 – Webinars
► Video by Steve on how he utilized running his own webinars about the affiliate offer
► Video by Paul on why everyone should be using webinars as an affiliate for mid-high ticket commissions.
► Paul’s rolodex of guaranteed approvals for 8 auto-webinars with Affiliate Commissions

This is an impressive, comprehensive introduction to affiliate marketing. We have seen nothing better. Get your access here: The Newbie Affiliate Playbook.

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