New WordPress plugin Speedii combines the power of AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages), PWA (Progressive Web App) & FBIA (Facebook Instant Articles) to make your site blazing fast, accessible, offline-usable, and mobile-friendly. And that’s important because it raises Google’s opinion of your site. Better rankings ensue.

As you probably know:
• Google thinks mobile-ready websites are superior to those only designed for desktop viewing. You site needs to be responsive to all screen sizes: phone, laptop and desktop. This new WordPress plugin solves this problem for you.
• Google thinks speed of page loading is important. This new plugin solves that for you.

According to Google “mobile-first indexing will be enabled by default for all new, previously unknown to Google Search, websites starting July 1, 2019.

“Speed is an important component of search engine ranking. As a result, Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) will impact SEO significantly if your website is not up to par when it comes to speed. For example, two sites could rank similarly when it come to SEO, however, the one with the most speed would receive precedence”

If you have to do it manually, optimizing Your Websites, Opt-in Pages, Landing Pages, and Sales Pages for Mobile is time-consuming and complicated, involving:
► Optimizing for mobile and speed normally requires a fair amount of coding
► Compressing images
► Installing complicated software

And you’ve got to do it for every single page of every website you want to optimize. That’s where Speedii comes to your rescue, handling all the messy technical details.

In addition, Facebook has innovated methods of giving users faster, smoother access to content. Facebook Instant Articles provide users of the Facebook app with consistently fast access t your content.

All these improvements and more are provided by Speedii.

The result is that you can make your WP site blazing fast with a few clicks. That’s hard to beat: better speed, easily achieved.

And it does another helpful thing: If you choose, your readers can view your website even if they are offline. That should improve your viewership because it makes your site more usable and, thus, more valuable.

You can get all this website enhancement in 3 easy steps:
Step #1 – Install the Speedii WordPress plugin (It only takes about a minute, and you don’t need any special skills or technical experience)
Step #2 – Click ‘Optimize’
Step #3 – Speedii goes to work improving your load speeds so you get better rankings, more traffic, and make more sales without any hard work required on your part

This new software has just been launched, and you can get a copy now for the best price, here: Speedii.

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