Google continues to improve its search engine algorithm to deliver better user experience. By understanding different ranking criteria set by Google you can improve your search engine marketing results.

The Botify team is hosting a webinar ‘Want to Demystify the Google Algorithm?’ on Tuesday, March 31, 2020 at 12.00 pm EST.

Botify team says, ” In January, Google released their first core algorithm update of the year.

A few months prior, they announced the release of BERT.

Now, unprecedented times are causing unprecedented shifts in search demand and traffic across just about every industry.

If there’s one thing we’re familiar with as SEOs, it’s change. Join us for our latest webinar as we discuss how we can roll with the punches in SEO, featuring:

  • Data from the January 2020 Core Update compiled from 280 websites in the publishing, e-commerce, travel, and digital marketplace verticals.
  • Tips and best practices for how SEOs can manage the current volatility caused by COVID-19.
  • A panel of amazing SEO professionals, including Shawn Huber @ T-Mobile and Timothy Resnik @ Walmart Labs providing insight into how they’ve been dealing with all these recent changes”.

Want to Demystify the Google Algorithm?


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