Search engine optimization is an important ongoing process. To get better results you need to keep watching the search engine algorithms and accordingly adjust your strategy.

seoClarity contributor Tyson Braun has shared an article highlighting steps to prioritize your SEO tasks and improve performance.

Braun says, “Considering the sheer magnitude of what’s already out there online, how do you get your site crawled and your content indexed? Google has to prioritize its efforts, after all. To see your site in search results, and then see your site ranking for your target terms, you must have the right technical SEO basics in place and the most important SEO elements optimized. First, let’s start with the most important aspects: crawling and indexing.

How to Find (and Fix) Issues With Your Site

Google has to prioritize which webpages it crawls. The web is a big place, but not all websites meet Google’s standards – some websites have low-quality, spam, or stub pages that Google does not want to crawl or index.

And while the purpose of SEO is to ensure that your site gets crawled and indexed at minimum, the ideal goal is to increase search visibility so your site ranks on the SERP”.

Technical SEO: Best Practices to Prioritize Your SEO Tasks


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