A well designed Facebook Page helps you to create a strong online persona that appeals your visitors to keep coming to your page. You need a lot of followers to get most from your Facebook Page creation efforts.

Medium contributor Puspanjalee Dutta has shared five ways to grow your Facebook Page.

Dutta says, “Many a time, you have struggled with your Facebook page. Yes, it’s a little hard to appease the Facebook gods, but it’s not impossible.

But before learning how to do it, you need to understand one crucial bit. And that is to understand your big goal and how you want to use Facebook to achieve it.

In this article, I’m going to dive deeper into Facebook and how it works in favor of you as a blogger or writer. We’re going to understand that:

  • Facebook pages are part of the revenue model for Facebook.
  • Facebook loves when you spend more time on it.
  • To grow your Facebook page, you need to consider it as a business.
  • What are you as a brand.
  • Facebook is a living organism”.

5 Things You Need to Understand to Grow Your Facebook Page


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