Any online business needs customers; that’s obvious. You need a way to get potential customers to see and respond to your offers. Without these actions, you are just pursuing a hobby, not building a business.

In the last 20 years, there has been one proven, evergreen way to get more customers for any business, online or offline: finding and using the latest trending platforms and topics before they become mainstream and popular. Find out what is just starting to become widely discussed and then use that knowledge to customize your content to take advantage of the novel and the exciting, in the early days, before everyone else also starts to take advantage of it.

For example, if you were one of the first businesses to publish videos on Facebook back in 2007 or on YouTube in 2010, it would have made a massive difference in your business results.

There are, today, other, newer platforms that can make a difference in your own business, above and beyond the “old stand-bys” of Facebook, YouTube and Twitter. Paul Ponna has just released his new Video Dashboard technology. With this automation software, you can publish content, based on what’s trending now, on both trending new platforms and reliable standard platforms:
► Facebook,
► TikTok,
► Instagram,
► YouTube,
► Twitter,
► Pinterest,
► LinkedIn,
► Vimeo,
► Dailymotion,
► Medium,
► Reddit.

Check out Ponna’s Software Demo here: Video Dashboard.

No other software in the market so effortlessly engages with these 11 social media platforms. Indeed, this is the only software to date that engages with all 11.

With this new software tool, you can take advantage of these prominent platforms without ever buying any ads on them.

You can now create proven videos that attract traffic. Your content can be published immediately or, if your strategy calls for it, can be automatically scheduled months ahead of time. The whole process is so simple, you can do it in minutes.

Using this “first to market” technology can contribute to your online success, even if you are a raw beginner. This places you on a higher footing, letting you compete with the experienced veterans in your niche.

We need to again emphasize the newness and uniqueness of this technology: you cannot find what Video Dashboard does anywhere else.

A “commercial license” is also included. This allows you to create marketing videos for clients, which gives you another income stream to grow your business.

Ponna isn’t holding the price steady, unfortunately; he periodically raises it, so if it sounds at all interesting you should not delay in checking it out. If you delay, the price is likely to be higher. Get your own copy here: Video Dashboard.

By the way, in the two days since it was announced, over 7500 copies of Video Dashboard and its enhanced versions have been bought. Other marketers are seeing the value of this new marketing tool. How about you?

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