You have heard of Fiverr, Freelancer, Upwork, etc. They are sites where you can sell your services to other businesses. Now, you don’t have to use these sites and give them a cut of your profits. You can have a marketplace with professional look and feel right on your own website, where you can sell your services without paying a 20% commission.

Karthik Ramani has just announced MarketPresso, that solves your sales platform needs. This idea is worth looking into because the service/freelancing industry is valued at 1 Trillion dollars annually.

If you want a business of your own selling your services (which you don’t actually have to perform yourself. You can outsource the work to others), consider the advantages of this new platform.

Here are some considerations for setting up for service business:
1. Do you have a website that lists all your services?
2. Do you have a way to get traffic to your site?
3. Do you have a way to integrate payment processing?
4. How will you manage orders to make sure nothing falls through the cracks?
5. Upselling and down-selling can bring in more profitable work. How can you present these offers to clients?
6. Suggesting combinations of services to potential clients can bring in larger orders. How can you do that?
7. How will you bring back customers for repeat orders?
8. How will you manage leads so you can send emails to them with new offers?
9. How will you grow sales & revenue?
10. How can you build authority & trust so more clients will come to you?

All of these issues need a solution. You need a professional system, like MarketPresso (the first of its kind), to make your business run smoothly and grow.

This PaaS (Platform as a Service) is a brand new platform that gives you a complete system to sell products and services simply and professionally.

It is all done for you and it runs on your own website, with your own branding (so you aren’t promoting Fiverr, etc., and the competitors who sell there.)

It builds and hosts your own branded “MarketPlace” to list your services, get clients, get paid and get repeat orders.

MarketPresso is not like any other freelancing site. It doesn’t show you in a list of competitors, all looking to pull clients into their own orbit. You are the only service provider shown. (However, if you wish, there is an upgrade that lets you host other providers on your site, charging them a fee for your platform services).

In addition, by using it, you avoid paying high fees to your platform host. Ramani’s Paas company will not charge you any service fee until you have sold $5,00 of your services, and even then, will only charge you a 1% Fee of your overall transactions on your marketplace. Yes, the first $5,000 sales that you do using this platform will be completely free for you.

And, most important of all, with MarketPresso, you are building a list of your clients and their email addresses, which you cannot do with Freelancer, Fiverr, Upwork, etc.

It lets you build your business, build a name for yourself as an authority & become a “known quantity” that people trust.

Grab this system before the price goes up again. It has already gone up twice. Do not forget to use code ‘success2020’ that will save you 8% on the main offer.

You will find a set of handy bonuses on the sales page, but IM NewsWatch readers also get a collection of 10 bonuses that are not available from the sales page:
1. Ultimate Guide to Ad creation for Beginners (7 Platforms)
2. Your Checklist To Start a Social Media Marketing Agency
3. Social Media Marketing Agency Audit & Proposal Checklist
4. Social Media Marketing Agency Resources And Tools
5. Perfect Ad Copy Cheatsheet
6. Handpicked Ad Screenshots From the World’s Top Marketers
7. Your list of 150+ Free Online Marketing Tools
8. The Copywriting Checklist You Need To Follow whenever you compose an ad
9. High Paying Client Acquisition Cheatsheet
10. 390+ Power Words improve your marketing success

Get the whole story here: MarketPresso.

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