Luther Landro, online marketing trainer, reports he was able to earn $105,000 in a year on LinkedIn, working 20 Minutes a day, offering services to other LinkedIn members.

As you may know, LinkedIn is popular with business owners, unlike Facebook, which caters to all kinds of people, including many (probably the majority) who are not in business.

He contacts business owners, offers his services to improve their business results by sending them more leads and more customers. When they accept his offer, he outsources the work to Fiverr, for about $10 per job.

Since every business in the world wants more customers, his offer is accepted over and over by businesses he contacts.

He uses LinkedIn’s custom search function to find business owners who are likely to be interested. He sends these business owners single direct message that offers his service. And a number take him up on his offer.

In 20 Minute Workday, he is giving you the whole process in detail, including the exact custom search he uses to find the live prospects to offer his services to.

When he reaches out to this select group of business owners, some accept, and he receives $97 per month from each of his newly found customers, who typically stay around several months.

He pays $10 on Fiverr to get the service performed, and he keeps the rest to cover his 20 minutes of daily work. Landro says this would be easy to scale up. Instead of working 20 minutes a day, work an hour.

This may be just what you have been looking for. No cold calling, no talking to people on the phone, just searching and sending emails, then delivering your service using Fiverr. Get all the details here: 20 Minute Workday.

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