A while back, we bought Brendan Mace and Jono Armstrong‘s training, Eclipse. It is training on a method to earn income from YouTube, with or without making and uploading videos.

They have decided that they want to give it away now, at no charge, to anyone who needs to earn more in their online marketing business. Why would they do this? It must be an economic decision, based on how they will profit best in their business.

Here’s our best guess. If you you accept their free offer, you will be added to their list of “buyers”, even though you paid $0. You have shown an interest in online marketing so they hope you will buy additional products from them.

Eclipse is a collection of videos explaining how to implement this marketing method.

In addition, it includes as bonuses, also at no additional charge, other training they have done, including their popular (selling over 3000) Fuego Breakout.

You can get it all at no charge here: Eclipse.

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