While setting up WordPress you need to be careful about its SEO settings for maximum optimization. Proper optimization strategies can help you to grow your WordPress site which results into overall business growth.

WordPress SEO Tips

Dixon Jones has published an article highlighting SEO traps you need to avoid while setting up your WordPress site.

Jones says, “The performance of your website or WordPress blog may not be the SEO weapon you think it is if you use it with only half an eye on the search engines. Out of the box, WordPress is great, but what tends to happen is that people start to use it without setting it up first for good SEO. Digital Marketing experts use WP all the time and they are highly technical and sometimes unethical, so you will have to work hard at this game for your business to compete. You do not have to learn everything, but making these traps in your WordPress installation in 2020 will get you off to a better start.

Avoid these SEO Traps when setting up WordPress

Check your host’s speed credentials.

If you use cheap hosting, your site may never load fast enough to get through Google’s increasingly stringent need for speed. Hosting still does not have to be expensive, but choose your host wisely. There are many experts that will tell you their “Top 10 fastest hosting companies”, but these are almost always trying to make affiliate commission or get you into their CRM funnel. You need to check some things for yourself”.

SEO Traps in WordPress

Dixon Jones’ Blog

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