The search engine optimization strategies need constant update so that you can cope with the changing search algorithms. The new year is almost here and by knowing how the SEO could change, you can better prepare to face the situation.

iPullRank contributor Aleks Shklyar has shared five SEO predictions for 2020.

Shklyar says, “Though no one knows with full certainty what the world of organic search has in store in the upcoming year, there are hints SEOs are picking up on. Some of these observations are based on topics that keep arising in the SEO space (see BERT), and others can be based on hunches and looking at trends across the market and not just search. Here are my bold predictions for 2020.

Prediction #1: Google and JavaScript

In my opinion Google will continue trying to improve their ability to crawl JavaScript efficiently. I’m hoping to see some strides in frequency of JavaScript crawls but highly doubt it’ll be perfect in 2020. I would continue weighing the UX pros against the SEO cons when working with sites that heavily rely on it”.

5 SEO Predictions For 2020


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