Google mobile ads refers to the ads that appear on mobile devices. These ads appear in mobile search results and on mobile-optimized websites. They bring a lot of possibilities for business growth by allowing you to reach millions of mobile Internet users.

To help you better understand mobile ads, Google AdMob’s Omri Dolev has highlighted three misconceptions about mobile ads.

Dolev says, “Although ads are often a cornerstone of successful app businesses, some developers have misconceptions that hold them back from trying ads in their app. We thought it would be helpful to address some of the more common misconceptions we’ve heard to help app publishers uncover opportunities to increase their revenue.

1) Ads interrupt the app experience of my users

One common misconception is that ads will negatively impact the app experience, when in reality most ad formats today are designed to either integrate seamlessly with your app, add to the user experience, or both.

For example, rewarded ads can give people a bonus in exchange for watching an advertisement and are a great way to make premium content available to non-paying users”.

Top 3 misconceptions about mobile ads

Google AdMob

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