In America, today is Thanksgiving Day, a holiday near the end of the year (originally, this time of year was chosen becuse it was after the Fall harvest), when we pause and reflect on the many good things that we have enjoyed during the year, and we give thanks for them.

Of course, not everythng has been good. Everyone has had a year that had its ups and downs. That’s normal, but for most of us, we have avoided the perils of war, the hardships of famine, the blight of drought and the poverty that comes from financial meltdown.

We don’t have everything we might want, but we are blessed with many important things in life: reasonably good health, family and friends who care, a beautiful world full of the amazing variety of creation. As the old song says,”The moon belongs to everyone. The best things in life are free.”

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We wish you the best in life and in your business for the coming year.

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