Content marketing is one of the most popular buzzwords in marketing domain. Quality content helps you to secure high rankings in search engines and enables you to make more sales. Today, people do not just want information, they need something that enriches their knowledge and helps them in improving their tasks.

Effective content can help you to build customer relationships and increase sales. Content Marketing Institute contributor Julia McCoy has highlighted five common content marketing mistakes that marketers often make.

McCoy says, “Is your brand’s content marketing performance mediocre or worse?

Before you create a laundry list of reasons to investigate the why, consider these five frequent, overarching mistakes. Avoiding these mistakes could save you time, money, and even customers.

Let’s dive in with the greatest mistake.

1. Conflicting guidelines or lack of strategy

If you want content that performs, forget throwing a style guide at the writers and calling it a day. You (and they) need more than that”.

The 5 Common Mistakes Every Content Marketer Should Know

Content Marketing Institute

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