Facebook advertising lets you reach a wider audience for promoting your products and services. The company offers great flexibility to the advertisers on how and where their ads appear.

Social Media Examiner’s Grace Duffy has published new podcast episode ‘Facebook Lets Advertisers Control Where Ads Appear’ featuring Jeff Sieh.

Listen to the podcast to learn the following:

  • Facebook Introduces New Brand Safety Controls for Advertisers
  • Facebook Will Implement Limits on How Many Ads a Page Can Run in 2020
  • Facebook Rolls Out Responsive Ads With Multiple Text Optimization and Brings Machine Learning Into the Dynamic Ads Creation Process
  • Facebook Adds Monetization and Management Updates for Creators and Publishers
  • Facebook Adds Three New Tools for Fundraising
  • Facebook Experiments With a New Meme-Making App, Whale
  • Wikipedia Co-Founders Launch New Social Network, WT:Social.

Facebook Lets Advertisers Control Where Ads Appear

Social Media Examiner

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