Instagram has come out as a strong platform for businesses to showcase their products. To achieve marketing success on Instagram you should use hashtags for getting your content a wider visibility and reach more people.

Social Media Examiner’s Jenn Herman has published a new guide on improving your business performance with Instagram hashtags.

Herman says, “Let’s dive deeper into how to use them strategically in your content in different areas of Instagram.

#1: How to Use Hashtags on Instagram Feed Posts

Your Instagram feed posts are your best opportunity to appear in search results for various hashtags. But not every hashtag will work the same way. You need to be strategic about which ones you use and how you combine them.

Unfortunately, a lot of people do what I call the “throw spaghetti against the wall and hope it sticks” tactic. That’s not what you want to do!

How many hashtags should you use? Where should you use them? Which ones should you use? Below I’ll share with you my super-secret recipe to not only get your content found more often, but also get more followers and sales”.

How to Use Instagram Hashtags for Business: A Guide for Marketers

Social Media Examiner

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