According to an eMarketer report, total US retail sales are expected to reach 3.8% to $1.008 trillion during the 2019 holiday season. And US retail ecommerce spending will rise 13.2% to $135.35 billion.

Online advertising is one of the best ways to reach out more shoppers during holiday season and increase your sales.

Nicky Rettke Director, Product Manager, YouTube Ads has shared some useful tips to inspire more shoppers with new ideas.

Rettke says, “Whether they’re shopping for themselves or for others, 48 percent of today’s shoppers say they’re open to buying from new retailers during the holiday season. And increasingly, they’re leaning into videos and inspirational imagery to help them decide. Below, we’ll dive into how Google solutions can help you tap into and create shopping intent, and capture the attention of those undecided shoppers with richer, more interactive experiences

Make YouTube more shoppable 

Video has also become a favorite research tool for holiday shoppers. Nearly two-thirds of shoppers say online video has given them ideas and inspiration for their purchase. And more than 90% of these folks say that they’ve discovered new products and brands via YouTube. To tap into this shopping intent, we’re introducing Shopping ads to the YouTube home feed and YouTube search results, making YouTube more shoppable and extending the reach of your Shopping campaigns”.

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