According to eMarketer, the 2019 holiday sales in US are expected to reach $1 trillion. In 2018, total retail spending during the holiday season was up 5.4% to $998.32 billion.

Microsoft Advertising’s Kenneth Andrew has shared three tips to help you improve your holiday sales in the upcoming holiday season.

Andrew says, ” Below, we’ve outlined some digital marketing tips from Microsoft Advertising to help retailers to maximize sales this holiday season.  

Tip 1: Build awareness now to capture early birds

‘Tis the season for holiday planning, especially since 60% of consumers intend to begin shopping in October, or even sooner.5 The good news is that from a budget standpoint, cost per click (CPC) is a good value — 20% lower than during Cyber Week.6

To make the most of this timeframe, start building an audience of your best customers. Use Microsoft Advertising tools like Conversion Tracking to build remarketing pools and to measure online and offline impact. Extend reach beyond search by building awareness of Black Friday”.

3 tips to maximize the holiday shopping season

Microsoft Advertising

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