In your sales process, there are many tasks which are repetitive, but you you need to do them to keep the sales cycle running. All of sales team members have to perform a certain set of tasks.

Sales automation helps you to stay free from these time-consuming tasks which are to be performed every day, week, or month.

HubSpot’s Aja Frost has published ‘Sales Automation: The Ultimate Guide’ to help you understand and implement sales automation process.

Frost says, “Your team’s sales process is an important asset. You’ve established it so that you have an iterative process for everyone to follow. A sales process also makes it easy for you to identify gaps to improve upon. Sales automation software only make your sales process more solid by streamlining the quality of certain tasks and freeing up time and energy to spend prospecting and nurturing leads.

Sales Automation CRM

However, one type of sales automation software is particularly important: your customer relationship management (CRM) tool. (You’ll see in the sections below just how many sales automation tasks your CRM helps automate.)

Your CRM tool is a critical piece of your sales automation puzzle. It’s analogous to the center of a wheel — a wheel’s center is what supports and moves the spokes so the wheel itself moves in the right direction. Without a robust CRM, many of your sales automation responsibilities can fall flat”.

Sales Automation: The Ultimate Guide


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