A study conducted by Campaign Monitor has revealed that if you use 3-5 words in your subject line, there are more chances of getting your emails opened. Emails with long subject lines get rejected by the receivers.

Your subject lines play a pivotal role in making your subscribers open and read the emails your send.

Merkle contributor Shruti Sinha has published an article highlighting some useful ways to increase your email open rates.

Sinha says, “To ensure a higher open rate, your email subject line needs to be catchy and attention grabbing. There are multiple attributes of the subject line that can make it attractive to your customer. These attributes can be grouped together in the following acronym CURVE.

  1. Curiosity – Subject lines with a capital letter or that end in a question mark or exclamation point can lead to curiosity
  2. Urgency – This is generally used at end of a sale period with phrases like “Last day,” “Final Hours,” “Hurry!” and “Ends Soon”
  3. Relevance – A subject can include a direct or personal launch announcement”.

How to Create Email Subject Lines That Will Increase Open Rates

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