Microsoft Advertising’s Juan Sepulveda and Eugene Goldenshteyn have announced the launch of responsive search ads for Bing. According to them, with responsive search ads creating and testing ads becomes easier by automating the creation of your ads.

Talking about the features of these ads, Sepulveda and Goldenshteyn say, “There are three main ways in which responsive search ads help with your search campaign: 

  • Reduce bulky operations and save time — One responsive search ad can generate more than 32,000 ad combinations, saving you time and space on A/B testing.
  • Serve the right message at the right time — Responsive search ads adapt your text ads to closely match what someone is searching for, when they search for it.
  • Improve ad performance — Responsive search ads can drive higher click-through rates (CTRs) and conversion rates (CVRs) due to the improved ad space, higher volume, and effectiveness”.

Creating and testing ads is easier with responsive search ads

Microsoft Advertising

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