Google is willing to share its computing power and its knowledge of what is important to website traffic with any webmaster/ site owner who wants a better performing website for their business. And, of course, Google’s knowledge about the web beats yours and mine and your mentor’s put together.

Google Analytics allows you to understand what type of content and marketing messages make your customers respond and become fans. You can use this type of information to come up with offers, products and services that your customers will gravitate toward.

Do you want the power of Goggle’s insights for your own site? You can have it at no charge. You can sign up at

But maybe there’s something nagging at you: how do I make use of all the data Google can give me about my site? How do I turn that data into actionable information?

Kevin Fahey, that serial creator of checklists, has the answer. He just released IM Checklist 21: Google Analytics.

Here are the checklists included in this guidebook:
1. Google Analytics Account Audit
2. Installing Google Analytics Account
3. Tagging in Google Analytics
4. How to Increase Accuracy and Consistency on Google Analytics
5. Integration in Google Analytics
6. Channel Groupings in Google Analytics
7. Data Import Checklist: Google Analytics
8. Campaign tracking on Google Analytics
9. Google Tag Manager: Google Analytics
10. How to Set Up and Edit a Property in Google Analytics
11. How to Add a New View in Google Analytics
12. How to Create, Edit and Share Goals for your site
13. Google Analytics Events Checklist
14. How to get Analytics for mobile applications
15. The Ultimate Guide to Google Analytics: 2019
16. Guide to Tools of Google Analytics API
17. Google Analytics Tips and Tricks
18. How to Add Google Analytics to WordPress

Not only can you improve your own site’s results by using IM Checklist 21: Google Analytics to become an expert; when you get good at it you can sell your services to businesses who know they need to improve but don’t have a clue on how to do it.

This could be the start of something big for you, and the investment is peanuts. Check it out here: IM Checklist 21: Google Analytics.

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