Your local search engine optimization strategies give a way to increase traffic to your website and get more customers. Also when it comes to focusing on creating a local SEO strategy you should consider all the search engines.

Search Engine Journal contributor Chuck Price has shared eight local search engine optimization for Bing.

Price says, “Here are eight tips to help you optimize your site for Bing.

1. Use Bing Places

Bing Places is Microsoft’s version of Google My Business.

The goal is the same – to deliver the best local search results possible.

One way that Bing does this is by rewarding websites that prominently feature their location details. Another key difference: unlike Google, the Bing algorithm takes into consideration social signals from third party sources, like Facebook for local rankings.

Adding Your Business to Bing Places

Even if you’ve never used Bing before, there’s a good chance that your business has automatically been listed”.

8 Local Search Engine Optimization Tips for Bing

Search Engine Journal

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