YouTube, with its strong user base and video distribution capacity, is the best platform to publish your video content. You can establish your brand identity and continue to grow with right YouTube campaigns.

Adweek team is hosting a webinar on ‘Create truly impactful YouTube campaigns: Google’s ABCDs of effective creative’ on Tuesday, August 13 at 1.00 pm EDT.

Adweek team says, “There are a number of ingredients that go into delivering a successful YouTube advertising campaign. At the core, however, you need to start with great video creative and be sure you have an idea of how you define and measure impact. Google has created an ABCD approach for effective YouTube creative: Attract, Brand, Connect, Direct. 

Hear about best practices for YouTube ad effectiveness from experts at Google and Pixability. You’ll find out:

  • The ABCDs of building effective YouTube creative
  • Strategies and tactics for setting your YouTube ads to succeed
  • How real brands make an impact with their YouTube advertising”.

Create truly impactful YouTube campaigns: Google’s ABCDs of effective creative


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